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Adore the Sacred Heart of God the Father

Adore the Sacred Heart of God the Father
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Prayer to Stop the War as given to Darly Chagas Silva - Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais, Brazil

"Oh Jesus Sacramented in all the tabernacles of the world, pour over the world Your Mercy.
Have mercy on all the innocent who are suffering from wars. We ask you Jesus, send Your Holy Spirit upon us and grant us the forgiveness.
May your Holy Name be pronounced strong by all the Priests of the world, to overthrow the powerful from their thrones and exalt the humble.
Come Holy Spirit, purify the humanity and sanctify it. Amen."

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Christ Comes...

We received this message from an unidentified source. It is intended for people on the island of Puerto Rico. We ask that you use discernment and common sense. We know that God’s Judgment is for all nations and peoples.

Message of God revealed to a group of brothers from different Churches while they were reunited in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico talking about the lasts warnings of the Lord to his people.


"DO NOT SLEEP", my people do what I command. What I announce to be warned... My anger comes, as I have spoken and you do not hear me, but I will be with my people.

Announce soon to all Churches, to hurry up, since those who do not listen will be unprotected. I will bring a signal before, only for my people "will assist on the streets" because hospitals will be destroyed.

Great pain is coming for unbelievers. My VESSELS will deliver my word where I tell them. VESSELS, deliver these news. Do not fear anything, because I'm with everyone and more will come to Me.

I am revealing to those who shall be saved. Talk to your neighbor so that they have no excuses. This situation will last long. It will begin in the evening; I want my people to be vigilant. Many will die; my time is my time...

I have warned for so long. You have been indifferent to my call, but you will have no excuses. My things are my things. Heaven and earth will pass, but my words shall not pass. There will be no forgiveness for those INDIFFERENT. How many times have I spoken?

TELL THAT I COME SOON, like lightning that comes from the East and the fear and terror will be on those unprepared.

There is sadness in me. Oh! If my people are humiliated, but have not heard my call and there will be huge surprises, remorse, anguish, pain, moaning, bitterness, sorrow...

If you have my Spirit, why have you hesitated? I gave you the promise of the Comforter, which is still working. Hand made of Him, since there is still a little time. Unite, be brave, strong, desirous, winner, grabbing of my blessings, try it, and taste them and you will see my joy fulfilled in you.

There is still work to do, there are sheep outside the fold, it is necessary to return, go after those with broken legs, the sad, the sick, the misguided that deviates from its herd and are lost without a shepherd. If you do this, you will see big things that your mind has not imagined.

The CATASTROPHE THAT COMES is a warning to prepare, because it comes the great and terrible day.

WORKER: What about
you? Are you sleeping? Are you ready? You called my HOLINESS, "Did you talk loud and strong when saw the impure in MY FLOCK? Or were tolerant and docile? Watch that I command that you use WHIPS, CLEAN AND SANCTIFY. I WANT FRUITS WORTHY OF ME. I DO NOT WANT, suspicion, envy, and discord, I WANT HOLY CONVERSATIONS, as appropriate to the faithful. I do not want hobbies, crazy laughter emptied of Me. Get them out...

1. I will shake the land from Aguadilla to Fajardo and the Metropolitan Area.

2. Many deaths.

3. Looting in the commercial centers.

4. Disturbs.

5. Lack of Water.

6. Drawbacks.

7. Helicopters delivering food.

8. Soldiers of Puerto Rico and USA placing order.

9. You can not go to the cult in the Temple.

10. The radio media will deliver the message to the people.

11. Breakdowns.

12. Television off.

13. Idleness (you will have time to PRAY AND READ THE BIBLE).

14. When you restore the Temples will be filled with the greatest “REVIVAL” in the history of Puerto Rico.

15. God will overthrow the PRIDE.

16. Great mourning for this country.

17. Is coming a great weeping never been seen to this land.

18. “AS ONE PEOPLE I WANT” say the LORD.

19. “I WILL VOMIT” those who CONFUSE, DIVIDE and HINDER THE VESSEL of my People.

20. “I will shake the LAW CENTER, there will be weeping and screaming inside. And the faithful who are converted, I will bless and protect them.

21. “MY PEOPLE I will rid this country of the worst.”

22. Is coming the weeping, mourning and disaster but it will not be so terrible because of prayers of this PEOPLE.

23. Women will scream and men will cry.

Thus saith the Lord, "I am angry with those who have enabled this kind of laws".
MY SANCTUARY is this, who have allowed Sodom and Gomorrah become a center of this place.
I have not thrown the full JUDGMENT because of the righteous.

This is not a struggle of one man, is the struggle of a people.

I want you united, ONE PEOPLE, ONE GOD.

Very soon I will pass “TO TAKE THE MEN OF VALUE” from this COUNTRY to depend on ME.

MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE WILL RETURN TO THE OLD PATH, return to bend the knees, return to tears in the ALTAR.

The “Santero” and adulterers are not ashamed. WHY MY PEOPLE are ashamed of the gifts that I HAVE GIVEN?

Take out indecency of my PEOPLE. "IS TIME TO CLEAN.”


This message was given by the LORD to a prayer group that was in a spiritual retreat, and a month ago the LORD sent a sister to the “Fortaleza” (is the White House in Puerto Rico) to divulgate the message in the island.

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